Student's Achievements


Ananya Seshadri

Ananya Seshadri, our student that has been with us since 2021. Ananya took part in an external competition and secured 3rd place! Congratulations Ananya! ❤️ Good job in executing the creative idea and continue applying your art knowledge to your beautiful artwork!! ?? We're proud of you, Ananya!?

Melody Chua

Cheers to another student of ours for achieving Grade A for her Art subject in school! Thank you Melody's mum for sharing this great news with us! ??? We are as elated as you are to be part of her school achievements. Well done Melody, we hope you continue to pursue your passion for Art and continue applying the knowledge you have gained here in Global Art Sengkang! ❤️


Olivia Tan Yu En

Congratulations Olivia for winning your school's T-Shirt Design Competition! ???
Her design was chosen and printed out for her Primary 1 and 2 schoolmates to wear during Children's Day outing.
So proud of you for applying your art knowledge and skills!! Continue doing us proud Olivia!! ??

Adapa Sriya Akshaya

Look who is this! She is one of our students here in Global Art Sengkang, Adapa Sriya Akshaya.
Akshaya has been with us since 2019.
She has perfectly executed the techniques of using the Oil Pastels very well for her school's contest!! ?? We are so proud of you, good job and continue applying your knowledge and skills to your beautiful artworks! ❤️?


Mekaela Lim

One of our pioneer student, Mekaela Lim, has been awarded the Artist certificate from her primary school. She has contributed a few of her artwork design and being showcase in her school. Well done Mekaela!! We're so proud of you ?? ??

Samaira Mishra

Yay! Another student of ours got her artwork recognized! Congratulations on winning your school's Art Exhibition and Competition! We're very proud of you for applying the techniques and skills that you've learned here in Global Art Sengkang. Looking forward to see you getting more certificates Samaira, well done!??


Mekaela Lim

Ooo who's that?? It's our student Mekaela Lim from Global Art Sengkang! We're very proud to be able to witness her postcard design artwork being selected to present her school's Guest of Honour. Let us all give a round of applause to congratulate Mekaela for doing well. Continue the hard work and dedication Mekaela! ?

Kaetrice Ng

Congratulations Kaetrice for being one of the winners for Rivervale Primary School's Cyber Wellness Poster Design Competition! ?

We're so proud of you for putting your art techniques and creativity into your poster. We hope to see more of you participating in contests or competitions not only in your school but here in Global Art Sengkang as well! ??

Once again, congratulations Kaetrice! Continue working hard!??


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