Student Internship

Mithali's Art Internship Journey

Hello everyone! Cheers to the third season of our student internship series! We’d like to introduce our new intern, Mithali! 👧🏻 Stay tuned for Mithali’s Art Internship journey with Global Art Sengkang! 🎨😊

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Cassandra's Art Internship Journey

This is the end of Cassandra’s Art Internship Journey at Global Art Sengkang! Here’s more of what she did during her internship.

“Thank you Global Art Sengkang for providing me this opportunity to be an intern here!
I’m very grateful for this work experience as it was really enjoyable and beneficial to me.”

Cassandra is our 2nd student intern. Definitely looking forward for more student art internship from Global Art Sengkang!✨🥰


Here’s more of Cassandra’s Art Internship at Global Art Sengkang! These are what she did during her internship so far.

“As a student of Global Art Sengkang for many years, I have been able to enhance my art skills and develop my interest in art. Besides that, I have learnt to be more creative and to think outside the box.

Likewise, being an intern, Global Art Sengkang has taught me many valuable lessons like the importance of time management, objective and taking initiative at workplace. I even learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop to create these posts! Above all, I have understood that I can be confident in communcating with parents and students.

Stay tune for more!”


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2nd pg

Hello everyone! We’re excited to continue our student’s internship journey series! For this second episode, we have Cassandra! Stay tune for Cassandra’s Art Internship journey with Global Art Sengkang!

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Engelbertine's Art Internship Journey

Here’s to the first episode of Engelbertine’s Art Internship at Global Art Sengkang!

“Thank you for showing your support in my first post! Here is what I do during my internship! Behind everything that I'm assigned to do, I get to understand the reason why we do what we do at Global Art Sengkang. Look out for the red asterisk * in the post to know more about what I learn! Stay tune for more!”


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