2021 Events

Christmas 2021

Our students came for their lessons in Christmas outfits! How adorable! ?✨
We also gathered our teachers and have them deck themselves in Christmas theme outfits! ??
May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! ???

CSR Programme 2021

We would like to thank you to our student volunteers for participating in our CSR Programme. Let's continue to strive, and do our part to give back to society. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

NAC 2021 Winners!

Well done to our 18th National Art Competition participants! You are all winners! ??. Your hard works were all paid off, congratulations to our Sengkang participants!

Halloween '21

Teachers from Global Art Sengkang wishes you a Happy Halloween!! ?Can you guys guess our Oil Pastel colours? ???

National Art Competition 2021

Global Art Sengkang is participating in the National Art Competition on the 18th and 19th September 2021 over at Global Art Sengkang Rivervale Mall. We have more than 70% first-timer participants! ? We are very proud of them for coming forward with great confidence! Let's wish for those competing a good luck! ????❤️
ps: some of the photos are taken before the Covid-19 period.

Tote Bag Design Competition '21

We are proud to announce our student, Tara, who have won the 1st runner up position under Category 1 of a National Day Tote Bag Design Contest. Tara is from Edgefield Primary School
This contest was held by Sengkang CC and PAYM. There were total 1600 participants, 2 categories. Her beautiful design will be printed out on a tote bag which will be distributed across the whole of Sengkang community. Tara was excited to brainstorm ideas when she first knew about this contest; Theme: Retro Throwback
Tagline: Blast to the Past. She wanted to thank every Singaporean for building such a beautiful garden city where she can now grow in a safe, fun and diverse cultural society. It was fun going down memory lane and explore old school items with Tara that Singaporeans grow up with. Through this contest, Tara gain exposure, creative thinking and confidence! - Teacher Laypeng
Look forward for our other Global Art Sengkang winners and participants on our upcoming post . The tote bags will be distributed out soon. We hope you get to receive Tara's design tote bag!
Tara progress copy

Beside Tara, we are also happy to announce the following winners- Estelle 4th position -  from Ai Tong Primary School. Xin Yan 7th position - from Sengkang Primary School and Eryne 8th position - from Rivervale Primary School

The process of each students tote bag design was fun! These winners designed and created very unique and meaningful artworks. Estelle chose to do a food theme! It is not just ordinary nor hipster food in Singapore but rather, retro foods/snacks that she ate during her childhood days! I am proud to be able to guide Estelle on this as it also gave me reminisces of my childhood days! - Teacher Yayah


Xin Yan displayed good ideas and effort in this contest. She wanted to express appreciation to Singapore's great historical figures, cherishing our beautiful City. Proud of her, well done Xin Yan!  - Teacher Szewei

Xin Yan 7th
xin yan_work

Before Eryne created this artwork, she said that she and her family believed that the fishing village is very important for Singapore. She wanted to show the life at the time and let more people know its importance and existence. She hopes to use art purposefully to convey message. Great Eryne! - Teacher Szewei


It is our first time having 19 of our Global Art Sengkang students participate in an external contest. There were 2 categories for this contest; Category 1 below 15 years, Cat 2 above 15 years old. Each category has 8 winners. All of our 19 students participated under Category 1 and we are honoured to have 4 out of 8 winners selected from of our Art studio. Here are the other participants It is truly memorable and great experience for all of our students. This contest is also part of a CSR programme. Each tote bag will be filled with goodies from Sengkang CC, PAYM and other sponsors. Our Principal contributed 1.3k Global Art Sengkang collapsible cups.

3 student-5
3 student-4
3 student-2
3 student-1
3 student-3

Chinese New Year Lunch '21

"Self belief and hard work will always earn you success." - Virat Kohli
Thank you Ms Teo for the CNY lunch with the team!

Teachers from Global Art Sengkang wishes you a Happy Halloween!! ?Can you guys guess our Oil Pastel colours? ???


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