Artwork of the Month

Guna, 6 yo

Guna joined Global Art in November 2023. Guna is a fun and bright boy who always creates laughter in the classroom. For this project, Guna decided to draw the circle shape as a puffer fish instead of just an ordinary fish. He added spikes, as well as fins. Guna also added funny eyes for his pufferfish. In addition to the pufferfish, Guna coloured the fishes and added some silhouettes of a school of fish in the background!

Guna used a variety of colours for his project and always ensures that he does not apply similar colours side by side. For the water, Guna decided on a blue, mint green, neon yellow and light yellow to mimic the sunlight shining through the water. Guna also rendered the sea floor by adding pebbles and also seashells. Beautiful!

Guna always has a lot of ideas for his artworks and likes to explore different colours to create an interesting artworks. We will continue to support and encourage him as he creates more artwork! Well done, Guna!
- Teacher Siti

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-28 at 5.57.57 PM
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-28 at 5.57.56 PM
Kannice, 8 yo

Kannice joined Global Art Sengkang in 2024. Kannice is an adorable girl that who always add her unique ideas into her artworks. Previously, she incorporated different celebrations into her artworks. For this artwork, she decided to implement elements of Deepavali. Kannice replaced all the clothes into sarees, which is traditional Indian clothing. She also added a drawing of an elephant. That is so cute! She also added some fireflies in the background to make the environment more lively as they are all celebrating Deepavali at the beach.I look forward to see more of Kannice progress! 😉 - Teacher Doris




Wang Jing Lu, 6yo

Wang Jing Lu joined Global Art Sengkang in 2023. She is a very creative student who always make sure her imagination comes to life. She is often the class clown as well, joking around with the teachers and her classmates .In this artwork, Jing Lu experimented with different color combinations to make her artwork stands out. Jing Lu is able to colours very nicely and neatly and often uses bright colors. She added some birds in the sky, flying towards the sunset and some flowers on the ground for the bunny to lie on. She also added a butterfly friend on top of the bunny.

Jing Lu is always full of ideas and explores different colour combinations to make her artworks look nicer. We will continue to support and encourage Jing Lu. We are proud of Jing Lu’s progress and will continue supporting her throughout her journey. Great job Jing, Lu! - Teacher Stephanie

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-28 at 5.57.56 PM (1)
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-28 at 5.57.55 PM

Yue Qi, 8 yo

Yue Qi joined Global Art Sengkang on September 3, 2023. Yue Qi consistently demonstrates remarkable creativity in his artwork by always infusing his pieces with humorous and imaginative ideas. His recent work features SpongeBob SquarePants in a playful yet precarious situation where he is about to be run over by an incoming dolphin. This artwork showcases his unique ability to blend humour with visual storytelling.

Yue Qi's distinctive colour choices further enhance the vibrancy and originality of his compositions, making each and every piece truly stand out. His artistic contributions continue to inspire and entertain, reflecting his exceptional talent and creative vision.

- Teacher Xen

Tan Jun Xi, 6 yo

Jun Xi joined Global Art in 2023. He is a very bright student who has a head full of imagination and brilliant ideas. He always tries to bring his imagination to life through his drawings.

In this artwork, Jun Xi wanted to add a giant Rubik's Cube structure as he mentioned that he liked Rubik's Cubes. He also used a variety of colors for this artwork to make it colorful and unique. Jun Xi always ensures that there are no similar colors beside each other and also ensures not to use the same colors many times. He also did a great job at drawing the Rubik's Cube.Jun Xi has just progressed to the next book in which he can add more drawings onto the artworks. Both Jun Xi and his teachers are all excited to see what story he will bring to life next with his drawings. We are so proud of you, Jun Xi! <3

- Teacher Stephanie


Kaylee, 6 yo

Kaylee joined Global Art in 2024. She is a very cute and shy girl who is always focused during her lessons. For this project, Kaylee is able to follow the instructions and color according to the instructions given. Nice work, Kaylee! Kaylee’s coloring and blending are always very neat. She also tends to have a habit of keeping her oil pastels clean and tidy. When I first met Kaylee, she was a bit shy to express herself, but now she has gotten more comfortable with me and the class! And for that, I am very glad! We are so proud of her progress and would love to see more of her growth! Let’s keep it up, Kaylee! 🙂
- Teacher Doris




Charlotte 9 yo

Charlotte joined Global Art in 2022. She is a bubbly and fun girl who is bursting with many ideas for her project. For this project, Charlotte decided on an Underwater Halloween theme for her sea creatures. To accompany the dolphin, Charlotte added a turtle, a pumpkin, and two small cute ghosts! Charlotte worked hard to draw the building in 3D form by adding the sides and multiple layers of rooftops for the haunted house. She also used a variety of colors for her project and ensured that she did not use similar colors side by side. For the sky, Charlotte used blue and green streaks to add some texture to the artwork. Charlotte also rendered the sea floor by adding small wisps of grass and pebbles. Beautiful! Charlotte is always enthusiastic about adding more items to her project and exploring different colors to make her artworks pop! We are proud of her progress and excited to see what she comes up with for her next project! <3
- Teacher Siti


Kartikean, 8 yo

Kartikean joined Global Art Sengkang on October 23, 2023. Kartikean's coloring has improved a lot since he started. He has been able to color following the marking direction and blend the colors better. With the right attitude towards learning, Kartikean has made great improvements. We hope that Kartikean keeps up the progress and continues to make improvements. Well done, Kartikean!

- Teacher Xen

Divya, 10 yo

Divya joined Global Art Sengkang in 20 December, 2021.
She is very creative with her ideas when creating new
In this artwork, Divya has drawn the shark enjoying an
out of the world dining experience in an alien
restaurant in outer space.
Divya's choices of colours in her artwork is truly unique.
These colours give the idea that the unknown is out
there in outer space. Hence, the colours she chosen out
illustrates the strange yet fascinating facet of what is
out there.
- Teacher Xen


Screenshot 2024-05-15 140657
Yin Hey, 6 yo

Yin Hey joined Global Art Sengkang on April
2021. Yin Hey is a very cute boy who is very
sociable in class and someone who likes to make
friends. He is a student who has great resilience.
In this current artwork, he had drawn a natural
view through the window. He also added on the
bridge, as well as a frame in which he told me
the rabbit had hung it up on the wall. He
managed to turn his easter eggs very vibrant and
detailed eggs. Keep up the good work Yin Hey!
We look forward to more of your artwork!
- Teacher Doris




Jazelle, 11 yo

Jazelle joined Global Art in January 2023. She is an outgoing and fun girl who has a lot of ideas. For this project, Jazelle decided on a rooftop dance party for the ducks. She learned to draw the ducks in different poses and also added a DJ booth with a DJ cat.Jazelle worked hard to draw in perspective, by drawing the dance floor at an angle and also drawing the DJ booth in 3D. She also used a variety of colours for her project and ensures that she does not use similar colours side by side. For the mountain, Jazelle coloured in blue patterned lines to add some texture into the artwork. Jazelle also did scraping for the dance floor to create the illusion of the dance floor illuminating with neon colors. Beautiful! Jazelle always works hard on her project and is excited to make her ideas come to life. It is always a fun class whenever Jazelle is around and we are excited to see what she comes up next! <3
- Teacher Siti

Screenshot 2024-05-15 140527
Naiben, 6 yo

Naiben joined Global Art Sengkang on January 2024 with
his bright and bubbly personality, he's always kept up to
the trends and light up the class by singing and dancing
to KPOP songs for us in class. He is also always excited to
start drawing and coloring. For this artwork, he added Lugia and Dragonair from Pokemon.

Naiben did a wonderful job in making sure that the
artwork looks nice overall. He decided to go with Pink,
Orange and Yellow to mimic the sunset and he managed
to pick another tone of green for the tree which gives the
overall artwork contrast.

Naiben is always full of surprises and ideas and we are
very excited to see what Naiben will be able to come up
with next!
- Teacher Stephanie

Livianca, 11 yo

Livianca is a quiet student who needs time to feel comfortable with her teachers. She has been with us for quite some time, starting from 2019 and has recently moved up to Basic Level 2, showing excellent progress! Livianca enjoys her time in class and gets engrossed in her drawings, she has a keen eye for details and applied her skills in her paintings. She loves turning her characters into cute versions of themselves. In this artwork, she decided to create a birthday theme featuring Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll, celebrating the Orang Utan's birthday. She carefully placed the objects and characters using the five rules of our checklist. Watching her improve in both technical skills and creativity is exciting, and we look forward to seeing how Livianca will continue to grow on her art journey!
- Teacher Ann Nie



Harley Chua, 8 yo
Harley joined us quite recently in September of 2023. She is very friendly and curious girl.Harley shows her interest in art by paying attention to the different art techniques and skills that are taught and then applying what she has learnt onto her work. Harley chose to have a Chinese New Year themed underwater world! She chose to add some lanterns, koi fish and even some firecrackers! Harley was so excited to complete the firecrackers and would ask to color it with every opportunity she gets. Besides the CNY items, she added a cave in the background to give off the illusion of the deep sea. Harley was then taught new and unique color combinations to mimic the colors and vibrancy of the ocean. I then showed her what kind of renderings she can add to elevate her artwork a lot more. Harley has improved in her drawing and coloring skills, she used to need reminders to blend her artwork and to fill up some white spaces but now, she barely needs any! Keep up the good work, Harley!

-Teacher Nicole


Kazelle Ang, 6 yo

Kazelle joined Globalart in 2023 and with her bright bubbly personality, she never fails to bring laughter to the room. Kazelle is creative and is always excited to start on a new project. For this current project, Kazelle decided to add the bunny's favourite items into the project. This includes a carrot, a ball and a broccoli. Kazelle did a wonderful job creating a vibrant and colourful project. She used pastel colours for the sky, dark leafy green for the grass and pastel brown for the ground. Her variety of colours creates soft tones and contrasting vibrant colours! Finally, she added rendering of leaves falling and also used scraping technique for the leaves veins. Well done Kazelle!
- Teacher Siti

Timothy Chan, 8yo

Timothy joined Global Art Sengkang on 25 February 2023. Timothy is very creative, imaginative, and open to new ideas for his artworks. In this project, he reimagined the artwork from what appears to be a supposed beach setting into an outer space setting, making full use of his imagination and creativity. To fit the outer space theme, he even turned the boy and the girl in the artwork into aliens. In the midground, he added a UFO and 2 planets in the background. He was open to the idea of the colours for his outer space, so that one of his planets appear to be exuding light to illuminate the darkness of the outer space. The creativity of Timothy is truly remarkable.
- Teacher Xen

Low Siwon, 6 yo

Siwon has made good progress during his one-year journey with us. He started from Foundation 1 and is now almost halfway through his Foundation 2 level! He remembers to blend colors independently and applies them neatly within the designated areas. An example would be his Chinese New Year themed artwork where he was taught how to incorporate rendering techniques - for example, the apples on the tree and grass on the ground.Besides his artwork, he has also shown improvement during cartoon drawing sessions. Siwon's lines are cleaner and is able to keep up with the teacher's drawings on the board!We are very proud of Siwon's achievements and will encourage him to keep up the excellent work!-Teacher Yayah


Thea Chong, 7yo

Thea is an engaged student, always active in class and generously sharing with both her teacher and peers. She joined Global Art in 2022, initially only enjoying drawing unicorns and Pikachu from Pokémon. Over time, Thea expanded her imagination which boosted her creativity. She sought advice from teachers, and experimented with various characters and themes. Despite facing challenges in her drawings, she persevered. This artwork exemplifies her ability to evoke different feelings and vibes that suit her style. She learned to apply different renderings for a better overall representation. I am pleased to witness Thea consistently bringing positive energy to the class and look forward to seeing more of her progress! ❤️ - Teacher Ann Nie


Anders Wong, 5 yo

Anders joined Global Art in March of 2023. With his bubbly personality and never-ending curiosity about his work, Anders continues to work hard to complete his projects. For the house artwork, he wanted to create a vibrant candy house. As the space for the house was big, Anders was able to add many sweets and two candy canes. While this is only Anders' second project in his Foundation 1 level, he has shown improvement in his resilience in colouring bigger spaces.Anders also is learning more techniques such as the scraping method to create light rays as well as adding patterns to spaces like the signage of the house with rendering. We are very proud of Anders' progress and perseverance in completing his project as well as adjusting into the Foundation 1 curriculum where he is practicing his drawing as well. Well done, Anders! - Teacher Siti

Anagh Nenon, 6yo

Anagh joined GA us in January of 2023.
Initially, Anagh was a little shy when he first started lessons here. To break the ice, I would share my interests in cartoons, movies and games with him. He started to open up and shared some things about himself as well! I learnt that Anagh's favorite animals are cats and thee holiday he likes the most is Halloween.

For the badminton artwork, he decided to create a scene from his favorite country - India. I taught him to crop the signboard to be bigger at the very front of the artwork. We also added some landmarks of India behind the boy with overlapping.

I taught him how to color the sky with warm and cool tones. As the focal point is the boy, we had the sunlight to be right above him. I guided him to use darker shades of his oil pastels for the grass and stone on the ground so it would create strong contrast with the boy's costume and the buildings seen in his artwork.

Anagh has shown improvement in his Art skills and is much more confident now! He tries his best to interact with his classmates and would share his creative ideas with his classmates. Well done, Anagh! Let's continue on this art journey together!

- Teacher Sze Wei

Markus Mariano, 10yo.

Markus recently rejoined us last year in August and is close to completing his Foundation 2 level! Markus has learnt to be more patient in his artwork and recites the coloring guidelines (Keep it neat, solid and clean) when he colors. He has improved a lot in his neatness, blending and coloring directions. He loves interacting with his peers and is not shy with any of the teachers even if it's the first time he meets them! Markus showed great interest in drawing from the start and has made tremendous improvements! He draws each item and character with care. We will continue working with him so that he will be able to create his best work. Very Well done, Markus! -Teacher Nicole


Raghav, 6 yo

Raghav was a shy boy when he first joined us in March of last year. I would share what my favorite foods and animals are during lessons. Over time, Raghav started opening up and sharing his interest/favorite things without hesitation!
Raghav chose to draw a rainbow and his favorite treat - a lollipop. We touched on a multiple drawing techniques for this artwork. We used cropping, sizing
and perspectives!
For the colors, I taught him how to choose contrasting colors and explained the concept of warm and cool tones. We also used some rendering techniques!
I enjoy teaching Raghav; he has shown great improvements on his art skills and is much more confident now. Well done, Raghav!!!

- Teacher Sze Wei

Emma See, 9 yo

Emma has been with us since May of 2021. She had her first art competition experience with us during our In-House competition this year! Emma was receptive during trainings; she could remember the items she had to add and what colors to apply but was not very confident in drawing.

After the competition when we went back to having normal lessons, I tried to encourage her more and guide her step by step on how to draw different objects/characters. Emma has been making improvements with every artwork she completes. I can see that she is able to draw more confidently now!

She decided to have a circus theme for her elephant artwork. We searched for references together. I then showed her how to draw them as well as the rough
sizing for each item - Emma executed the drawings wonderfully!

For colors, the highlights were the fireworks in the sky and the clown's rainbow hair. I taught her how to use scraping for the sky and showed her what colors
could go well together without muddying. Emma created a high contrast, clean artwork and showed improvement in her speed as well!

Way to go, Emma!

- Teacher Nicole

Anika Narayanan, 6 yo

Anika joined Global Art in Nov 2021 and has always given her best in all her projects. Anika added her favourite Pokémon character, Pikachu, who is looking
at the falling leaves. For this project, Anika used a variety of colours for the leaves, different shades of green and some orange to depict Autumn leaves.
Anika enjoys exploring new combinations of colours.
Anika was also very excited to colour the sky as she wanted a multi-coloured sky. She did a wonderful job blending the sky and used the scraping method to
create light rays. She also used the scraping method for the signboard.
Anika works hard to be neat in her colouring and outlining. We are proud of Anika's hard work and perseverance in completing her projects. She has many ideas for her projects, and we are excited to see what she comes up with next!

- Teacher Siti

Annette Seow, 8 yo

Annette is a student who is consistently engaged in class with her teachers and peers. She joined Global Art in 2021 and has been with us for a little over 2 years now!
With Annette participating in her first ever In-house competition this year, she has grown more self-assured and demonstrated a "never give up" attitude.
Amazing! In this artwork, while drawing the clownfish - she showed her ability to recognise the details and when it got to coloring, she demonstrated her
independence in the choosing of colors that would work best for her artwork. We touched on the topic of water effects and how to depict bubbles to
improve the quality of her artwork.Annette is always ready to share her thoughts as she always has ideas for how she wants her artwork to be executed. I'm looking forward to more of her beautiful creations!- Teacher Ann Nie


Ada Lim, 5 yo

Ada has been with us since 2022.
When I first started teaching her, she was still in our Junior Programme. Ada has a strong passion for art and is always excited to learn more! Throughout her time here, she has made consistent progress, especially in her creativity.
In this art piece, she shows her ability to color patiently, sticking to a single color direction despite the large ground area. Ada noticed that the sky was empty and suggested herself to add a sun for better contrast in the overall presentation! Wow!
She would always check her work to see if all the white areas have been filled up properly and made sure she blended every single tone well. I am glad to see Ada's enthusiasm for learning and her satisfaction when she completes her artwork!
I look forward to more her progress!
- Teacher Ann nie

Iris, 8 yo

Iris has been with us since June of last year. She is a cheerful girl who is not shy to speak up or meet new classmates. I started teaching Iris in August of this year and she has shown great progress!
When I started teaching Iris, she was already able to draw really well. However, there was room for improvement regarding her coloring. Now, she can complete her given task much faster. Iris can also focus a lot more in class now barely getting distracted.
She decided to have a Halloween theme for the Marine artwork.
She was able to tell me straight away what she would like to add like the pumpkin and skeleton. Iris was very confident in her choices and barely needed any time to think! Iris was a bit confused as to why I asked her to add white with her oil pastel at the top corners of the already blank area - I explained to her that we will be using the scraping method to create some spider webs instead of drawing it on and she understood immediately.
We added rendering to elevate her artwork like sun rays, sand textures and shadow creatures! For marine artworks, we usually add shadow fishes but I let her know that instead of just fishes, we can have different animals as well - in Iris' artwork, we added an octopus, whale and even a submarine!
I am always excited to hear what ideas Iris has and anticipate her completed artwork. Way to go, Iris!
-Teacher Nicole

Yap Yen Xin, 4 yo

Yen Xin joined Global Art in August 2023 and has shown great interest in her projects. For this project, Yen Xin looked at pictures of poisonous frogs and decided on colouring the frog red. She has progressed from using three tones for her artworks to now four for parts like the frog's body! Well done Yen Xin!
Yen Xin also outlined the artwork neatly and added in the dotted patterns for the frog's body.
We are proud of Yen Xin's growth and positive attitude! Looking forward to seeing her upcoming projects!
-Teacher Siti

Cheung Yin Fun, 8 yo

Yin Fun has been with us for almost 3 years! He started his journey from Foundation Level 3 and now embarking his journey in Basic Level 1. I would like to commend his bravery for participating in his first In-House competition this year! After months of practice that he went through, he showed great progress in his colouring skills. For this artwork, Yin Fun wanted to include his favourite characters from Super Mario;
Yoshi and Pokio having a picnic together. This artwork shows very good use of rendering and scrapping skills!
Loved the outcome of the overall artwork. Keep up the good work Yin Fun! Let's explore more creative ideas together!
- Teacher Yayah


Shi Jay, 11 yo

Shi Jay has been with us since 2019. I am glad to have him as my student. Since joining us in 2019, he has changed a lot from being very shy to having a lot more confidence now!
He enjoys sharing his ideas with his classmates which usually comes from the games he plays, his favorite being Pokémon.
For the performance art piece, we discussed what he would like to add and we decided on a Mario Theme.
I taught him how to draw the main and secondary character using the checklist we have - one of them being sizes. We used different kinds of shapes and patterns for the building. Throughout the process, Shi Jay was excited as he could not wait to see the finished artwork.
We used 2 different mediums, Oil pastel and poster paint. I guided him on how to use paint for the bigger areas and Oil pastel for details and smaller areas.
Shi Jay has shown really big improvement in his art skills and techniques.
Well done, Shi Jay!
- Teacher Sze Wei


Jayden Tiang, 5 yo

Jayden has been with us for quite a while now. When I first taught him, he was really quiet and had a challenging time opening up. Now, he is able to speak up and takes the initiative to ask questions especially if he has any doubts in his work.
I have been working with Jayden on his confidence as he is able to create amazing and neat artworks when guided but does require a little push when asked to do independent work. Jayden decided to add a butterfly into his sheep artwork and did well. He was shown the steps on how to draw it and followed exactly what was taught while understanding the concepts.
As seen in this artwork, he managed to keep it really neat and has such smooth blending. You can do it, Jayden!
- Teacher Nicole

Sonia Lim, 9 yo

Sonia joined in December 2020.
She participated in our In-house and National Art competition for both 2022 and 2023. In these years that she has been with us, she showed great improvement in terms of her art skills as well as her social skills. She was very shy when she first came in, but now, she's able to interact with her classmates to share her ideas and thoughts. This artwork displays good and tidy colouring skill sets. Keep up the good work Sonia!
- Teacher Yayah

Jetson, 7 yo

Jetson joined GlobalArt in 2023. He was rather shy on the first few lessons and started to open up more as time went by.
In this artwork, Jetson decided to have the Octopus in Space instead of the Ocean. That is so creative! He added a few items to be involved for his background, like the planet Saturn and a meteorite. For the seaweed provided in the template, he recreated it to be a close up of Jupiter's details.
He was amazed by how the outer space's sky colour combination turned out.
Jetson is always detailed in his work and is someone who would always keep his artwork neat and tidy. I am pleased to see how he is always engaged in class.
I look forward to more of his interesting artwork creations!
- Teacher Ann Nie


Lim Jia Xin, 7 yo

Jia Xin joined Global Art Sengkang in 2021Jia Xin is very friendly and loves to share her creative ideas with her classmates. Jia Xin recently participated in our In-House competition and I could see that she is much more determined and focused in class.Jia Xin is familiarize and well versed with the colour tones; thus I proceed to teach her special colour combinations to have a better overall artwork.Good job Jia Xin ? I can definitely see improvement in your drawing and colouring. Keep up the good work and let's continue our art journey!- Teacher Sze Wei


Mannem. Poushya Sri, 10 yo

Poushya joined Global Art Sengkang in the year 2021.She was rather shy when I first taught her but as time went by, she open up more and started actively sharing her thoughts and ideas for her artwork.Poushya is someone who always looks forward to her learning and is independent after showing her guidance.For this artwork, despite having limited colours for this wooden interior, she still manages to make the whole artwork contrast well. I'm pleased to be able to be there to witness her growing throughout her learning journey here and I'm looking forward to more of her progress!-Teacher Ann Nie 

Winston Wang, 5 yo

I have just started teaching Winston quite recently and he has shown great improvement in his work already! Winston is a cheerful boy who loves interacting with his teachers and classmates.Initially, he needed a bit of help when it comes to blending and white spaces. However, after I taught Winston how to break down bigger areas and to outline the parts he'll need to color to ensure his work stays neat and tidy, I do not need to prompt him as much as before. He is able to apply the things he learnt independently. Way to go, Winston!- Teacher Nicole

Lucas Chung, 3 yo

Lucas joined Global Art Sengkang in May 2023 and is currently in Junior Programme Level 2. Lucas is someone who loves to express his thoughts and feelings. Throughout his time here, he has shown very good progress. His colouring has improved. For example, much neater and able to colour within the area. Compared to his first lesson, his attention span has shown improvement too! Round of applause for you, Lucas! This artwork shows the different types of toys and learnt which ones to place in front or behind. Lucas also ventured out applying tones to his toys and it looks amazing! Can't wait to see more artworks done by you, Lucas!-Teacher Yayah


Ian Fan Yi An, 6 yo

Ian joined Global Art Sengkang in the year of 2022. He is a cheerful boy who loves sharing his daily life to his peers and teachers. He has been making great improvement throughout his time here which include his patience when applying colours on a bigger area. This artwork shows that he was able to keep the colouring tidy despite the big areas such as the sky. He was guided to apply the building and the car with contrasting colours to have a better artwork overall. I'm glad to see how far he come, and I look forward to more of his progress!- Teacher Ann


Fong Rui Qi Deon, 4 yo

When Deon first joined us, he was very shy. Telling us his name took a lot of courage from him. After a few lessons, we bonded together with his classmates. Now he has opened up and is able to voice out comfortably!Deon showed good improvement in his work. I taught him on the different seasons on this art piece. He was able to identify all the colors we were going to use for the different parts and items. Deon was also able to blend the colors beautifully with barely any reminders! His tracing has also shown improvement. There are still some areas where he tends to scribble but it is minimal now compared to before.Keep up the good work, Deon!- Teacher Nicole

Aiden Lai Yi Liang, 7 yo

Aiden always shares with me his love for games. For this artwork, he decided to draw characters from the game, Bendy. At first, he faced a bit of difficulty in getting the character in the correct shape. However, after breaking things into parts, he got it right, yay!Aiden is always open to exploring new ideas and sharing his ideas to create nice and eye-catching artwork. He also has explored a wide range of special colour combinations as his colouring has improved a lot. Keep it up in creating more art and sharing your ideas with us. Good job, Aiden!-Teacher Hidayah

Than Ze Tian, 9 yo

Ze Tian is a creative boy. He loves drawing and playing computer games.For this artwork, he decided to go with the Pokemon theme as it is one of his favourite cartoon characters.The story of the artwork is about battling one another. The winner wins the treasure! Ze Tian learnt to apply overlapping and different sizes for the characters. Not only that, he also showed the different colour contrast that makes the artwork nice overall!Well done, Ze Tian!! Happy to be teaching you and I could definitely see the improvement in your art skills. Looking forward to your next creative artwork!-Teacher Sze Wei


Isaac Zhang, 5 yo

Isaac Zhang joined us since last year! Throughout the period that he is with us, he has been showing constant improvement in his work. Isaac is always very excited to start on his new artwork. From Junior Programme Level 3 to Foundation 2 within a year, Isaac's work and art skills have improved a lot! For this artwork, Isaac wanted to draw goldfish. Teacher guided him slowly on the application for drawing and afterwards guided him on his colouring. To end it off, teacher taught him how to add small fish shadow renderings and also bubbles! Good Job Isaac! Teacher Afi is so proud of you! Keep up the amazing work.-Teacher Afi 


Sophia Tan Jia Wen, 5 yo

Sophia is a cheerful girl that loves sharing what her daily life is like. I started teaching her halfway through JP3 to now F1.
For this artwork, she learnt how to do scraping and rendering in big areas.
There was room for improvement regarding her attention span and I wanted to bring out her full potential. I taught her how to break down the big areas she needed to colour into smaller parts, to outline the area before colouring and to colour slowly. She also got to scrape her name onto the signboard! Now, her attention span has improved and she has been able to complete more areas quicker and neater.
Good job, Sophia!
- Teacher Nicole

Lam Yan Rui Isaac, 7 yo

Isaac joined Global Art Sengkang in the year of 2021. Isaac is always detailed and showed patience in his work.
In this artwork, he did it with half poster paint and the other half with oil pastel. It is his first time learning to apply poster paint and surprisingly was able to adapt fast while keeping it tidy.
He would always check with his teacher if his colour was applied properly and blended well. I am glad to see how he is always having the courage to learn more and be satisfied with all his artworks. I look forward to more of his progress
- Teacher Ann Nie

Arpan Sethy, 7 yo

Arpan has been learning at Global Art Sengkang since the end of 2022. Throughout his time here, he has shown improvement in his drawing & colouring skills. Arpan also love to share his artworks that he did at home, especially Dragon and Pokemon!
For this artwork, he decided to go for the Halloween theme as he said that he loves the festival and characters that comes together with the theme.
Arpan learnt how to apply different sizes and overlapping techniques to the different characters in his artwork. On top of that, he showed interest in learning special colour combination, which is shown on the mountain and sky colour effects.
Well done, Arpan!! Looking forward to your next artwork!
- Teacher Sze Wei


Lachelle Chin Sze Hsuan, 10 yo

Lachelle joined Global Art Sengkang end of last year!
Throughout the months that she has joined us, she has been showing constant improvement in her work.
Lachelle is a very cheeky and happy girl who is always very excited to start on her new artwork.
Lachelle was not very confident in her work when she first joined. Always letting the teacher know that she is afraid to make mistake. However, after much practice and encouragement, she has gained confidence and it shows through her work.
For this artwork, she wanted to do a Halloween theme. She learnt to apply proper sizing and placement for the different objects.
Good Job Lachelle, I am so proud of you. Keep up the amazing work!
- Teacher Afiqah

Chen Guankai, 9 yo

In this piece, Guankai wanted to try a theme he had never done before which is a Halloween theme. He learnt more about applying overlapping techniques to this artwork.
Adding on, he learnt to apply special colours and special techniques to colour the sky to make his artwork more eye-catching. Good job Guankai, for showing overall good improvement and performance in your art skills!
- Teacher Hidayah

Lim Jing Yen, 11 yo

Jing Yen has been learning at Global Art Sengkang since 2022.
She was a bit shy when I taught her in the beginning. After a few months, she started to open up & shared with me her interest in Art. Not only that she likes to draw and colour, but she also does craft at home during her free time!
For this Art piece, she decided to draw the giraffe celebrating Easter Day with the rabbit & butterfly.
Jing Yen learnt how to apply the different sizes for each animal and how to apply the placement according to sizes. Jing Yen also learnt how to apply rendering technique for some of the areas in her artwork to add some definition. Overall, I can see good improvement and more confidence shown from Jing Yen in class. Well done, Jing Yen!! Keep it up let's continue our Art journey together!
- Teacher Sze Wei


Matthias Chua, 6 yo

Matthias joined Global Art Sengkang in the year
2021. He was in the Junior programme when he
first joined.
Matthias has been making consistent progress
throughout his time here which includes his motor
skills and his artwork tidiness.
In this artwork, he shows that he was able to colour
with patience and is determined to colour the big
area in one colouring direction. To add on, he will
always check if all white spaces are filled up
properly. I am glad to see how he is always excited
to learn more and be satisfied with all his artwork. I
look forward to more of his progress
- Teacher Ann Nie


Lau Zhi Xin, 6 yo

Zhi Xin has been with Global Art Sengkang for 2 years.
Throughout these years she has been showing constant
improvement in her work!
In the past, Zhi Xin was not very confident in her work and
is always letting the teacher know that she cannot draw.
However, after much practice and encouragement, she
has gained the confidence and it shows through her work.
For this artwork, she wanted to do a birthday theme and
she chose the dinosaur from Mario. She learnt how to
apply placement and how to draw using basic shapes.
Zhi Xin's colouring has improved a lot, she will always
ensure that she does not leave any white spaces!
Good Job Zhi Xin!



Lek Kang Ying Clara, 5 yo

I started teaching Clara when she was in JP3 to now, F1.
Back when she was in JP3, she was already able to colour quite nicely. However, Clara did need some reminders for her white spaces and blending.
Now, Clara comes to class and does everything automatically. She takes out her books, oil pastels and the things she needs for her lesson and is excited to start colouring! I barely need to prompt her on anything nowadays and I can teach her new colour combinations too.
For this artwork, she chose to have the main body of her fish pink, the fin green and the oyster shell reminds me of a Kit Kat! After we were done with the main colouring and outlining, I taught her how to add rendering to her artwork - the bubbles.
I am very proud of how far Clara has come and can't wait to see how she progresses in the future!
- Teacher Nicole

Evan Hong, 7 yo

Evan joined in 2021 July, and he has shown great improvement throughout his time here. In this artwork, he decided to keep it simple. He learnt about overlapping, drawing and drew the clouds in front of the mountain.
He has remarkable control of his strokes which ensured him to have neater colouring. He has also improved his tidiness and is able to follow the correct colouring direction. Well done, Evan!
- Teacher Hidayah

Tee Kye Ern, 8 yo

Kye Ern joined us in 2022. She loves cute animals and would always draw out the eyes in the cutest version. She is always detailed in her work, making sure her artwork is drawn and coloured perfectly. For this page, Kye Ern decided to do a Chinese New Year theme with the animals visiting grandma's house. She added a few elements of the theme to the artwork and added outfits for the animals too! She learnt how to apply the cool and warm tones together. To finish it off, she added renderings for the house, ground and sky. I am pleased to see how satisfied she is with her completed artwork. ❤️ -Teacher Ann Nie

Cheung Yin Fun, 8 yo

Yin Fun has been with us for quite a number of years! Throughout these years, he has been showing constant improvement in his work. Previously he was not confident, most of the time doubting his capability to draw. After so much practice and encouragement from the teachers, he has gained the confidence which reflects through his work! For this artwork he wanted a cat having a picnic at a park with its small friend, Mr Snail. With some guidance on the placements for the characters, he added a few renderings to the artwork. I can see that his colouring is getting so much neater! Good Job Yin Fun!- Teacher Afiqah


Zhuo Xuan Ying, 8 yo

Xuan Ying started her journey in Global Art Sengkang in 2020. Xuan Ying is a sweet girl and loves to share her ideas with her classmates. For this artwork, she learnt about cropping, observing and drawing of the farm animals. Before drawing it out, I taught her to start with basic shapes and was able to follow through. Xuan Ying shared with me that she loves white rabbits, thus she learnt how to colour it with different tones. Not only that, she also learnt a new way to colour the sky with a sunset effect! Well done, Xuan Ying! Onto the next level together! ☺️- Teacher Sze Wei

Tiang Ing Nian Jayden, 5 yo

Jayden started his journey here in September 2021 as a Holiday Programme student who soon converted to our regular student sometime in early 2022. In this artwork, Jayden did some brainstorming and decided to add one more character which is an Octopus.He learnt a lot of new colour combinations and was able to execute them perfectly! He also learnt to apply rendering such as drawing bubbles using white oil pastel and drawing stones on the ground! I explained to him that the rendering will make his artwork so much fuller and nicer. He was very excited about learning new ways to upgrade his artwork quality. Keep it up and well done, Jayden! ❤️

- Teacher Hidayah

Sitt Poe Maddi, 5 yo

Maddi joined us at the end of 2022. She was in Junior Program 2 and is now reaching the end of Junior 3! When she first transit from using Gel Pastels to Oil Pastels, she faced a little bit of difficulty. However, Maddi has shown great improvement. Now, she is able to colour in the right direction, full solid colours and it is all done within the lines! For this artwork, she had to map out the other half of the web and colour it. Maddi was able to show me the shapes and chose all the colours independently. She did most of the colouring by herself and her tracing is much better than before! I am very proud of how far she has come and the progress she has made. Keep it up, Maddi! - Teacher Nicole


Jazelle Chloe Ngiam, 7 yo

Jazelle joined us not long ago. She has always been keen on sharing her ideas and things that she comes across onto her art piece. Thus, in this art piece, Jazelle shares
that she wants to draw a Pokemon character called Vaporeon.
Jazelle learnt about the importance of sizing and placement of her drawing as it will directly impact the overall look of her artwork. Furthermore, learning about
special colours which can make her art piece livelier and prettier. In terms of colours, she always ensures that she keeps the tidiness of her colouring to the best of her ability. I can see the consistent improvement from her, and I can't wait to see more of her growth.
- Teacher Hidayah


Isabelle Lau Jing Han, 10 yo

Isabelle is someone who engages well with her peers and
teachers which makes teaching and learning fun!
In this Turtle art piece, she recreated the turtle to be the cutest version to go well with the characters she added in, Sally duck and the Bulldog.
She has always been consistently detailed in her work making sure she keeps her artwork in the best quality and tidiness despite her doing poster paint. She learnt how to balance the warm and cool colours
well and learnt more about the different colour combinations. I am glad to see how satisfied she is with her completed artwork. I look forward to seeing more of her beautiful artwork!
- Teacher Ann Nie

Kazelle Ang Yun Shin, 5 yo

Kazelle recently joined us in January this year.
She has been able to colour and draw nicely since she started.
For this artwork, Kazelle learnt various items such as coordinating skills, learning nature and non-nature colours. She chose the turquoise green for the first one easily and asked if I could show her different coloured frogs online. She was delighted to see that there were purple frogs because it is one of her favourite colours!
Her attention span has improved a lot. Kazelle is able to focus on her artwork and would complete what she needs to without any prompting from me at all, even on her white spaces. She completed this artwork 100% independently.
Way to go, Kazelle!
- Teacher Nicole

Gong Xuan Jie, 8 yo

Xuan Jie joined us in the year 2020.
Xuan Jie has shown good improvement in his work, especially with his neat colouring and his drawing. For this artwork, Xuan Jie wanted to do a Chinese New Year theme. He added the elements of the theme to his artwork and was able to do the drawings on his own. Finally, for the finishing touches, he added on some rendering effects to his artwork. Good job Xuan Jie!
- Teacher Afiqah


Kaetrice Ng, 10 yo

Kaetrice joined GA in 2021. Kaetrice is a creative girl and enjoys doing Art. She often shares with me what she draws at home and shares very interesting ideas with me when it comes to composing an artwork.
For this artwork, she decided to incorporate her favourite cartoon character from Sanrio, Pom Pom Purin. Together with the Orang Utan, having a blast at a birthday party!
Did you feel salivated when you see her artwork? Kaetrice did! Well done Kaetrice, looking forward to your next artwork!
- Teacher Sze Wei


Clarissa Eugenia Linardi, 11 yo

Clarissa joined Global Art Sengkang in 2019. She is someone who has a great passion for art. I can see great improvement in her, especially after participating in last year's Global Art competition. She became more confident and loves to share her ideas with her classmates.
For this artwork, she decided to try something new, an outer space theme along with human and alien characters playing in a basketball match. Apart from that, she told me that she loves watermelon, and decided to transform it as one of the planets in space!
Well done, Clarissa! I am happy to teach you & will look forward to your next artwork!!

- Teacher Sze Wei

Maanya, 5 yo

Maanya is a cheerful girl that loves sharing what her daily life is like. She joined us not long ago, but I can already see that she has shown great improvement.
She used to be quite easily distracted and would need to put in more work on her tidiness in colouring. I taught her how to break down the big areas into smaller
parts, to outline the area before colouring and that there was no need to rush. Now, she is able to focus while colouring, barely getting distracted and is able to
colour neatly within the lines with minimal white spaces. For this artwork, she learnt how to do scraping and rendering for big areas! Keep it up, Maanya!- Teacher Nicole

Aiden Lai Yi Liang, 7 yo

For this art piece, Aiden shared that he wanted to draw a Halloween-themed artwork. We discussed what items can we generally see during Halloween, and he came up with pumpkin and ghost! I taught Aiden how to further explore and after discussion, he also agreed to add a graveyard and a creepy tree in the background.
In this art piece, Aiden worked on his creative thinking to come up with ideas and decisions on what colours can be used for the background. In terms of his colouring, he is also able to do well in blending and also ensuring tidiness in his work. So happy to see his continuous improvement and I hope to see more from him! Well done!

- Teacher Hidayah


Nameet Darshan Sharma S/O Bk Sharma, 6 yo

When Nameet first joined, he does not know how to
colour in tones (dark, medium and light). After learning
and practicing for a period of time, he can colour very
well! He is able to understand and follow instructions,
always ensuring that he colours within the given space
and blends well.
Nameet's mum even told me that he will always blend
his colours at home until he is satisfied with them!
For this artwork, I tested him with different colouring
directions and blending. Some students will find a little
bit of difficulty, but Nameet was able to execute it well!
Even his tracing of items is very neat! Good job
Nameet Teacher Afiqah is so proud of your progress!

- Teacher Afiqah


Jayden Lim, 7 yo

Jayden joined Global Art Sengkang in 2020. He has an outgoing personality and loves engaging with his peers and teachers. Jayden has been making consistent improvements throughout his years here, especially in his observation and drawing skills.
For this artwork, he decided to add Among Us character with a policeman costume. Further on, he came up with another idea which was to turn the car (that was given in the template) into a police car. Jayden would always make sure that blending was done properly and whenever he is in doubt, he would ask. I am glad to see the hard work he put into this. I look forward to more of his beautiful artwork.

- Teacher Ann Nie

Jovial Ng, 8 yo

Jovial is a well-behaved girl who is capable to be independent in her work. She was rather shy to share her ideas when I first taught her. Now, she is much more confident with her ideas and loves engaging with her peers and teachers a lot.For this artwork, she showed that she is able to apply the placement and the sizes of her drawings very well. To make it unique, she decided to have her fish to be in a close-up view. She was amazed by the new colour combination for the water that she learnt in class! Jovial has made a good improvement and I look forward to more of her beautiful artwork. ❤️-Teacher Ann Nie

Nah Yee Xuan Yvonne, 10 yo

Yvonne always show enthusiasm whenever she comes to class.  She loves sharing her day in school and what she's been up to recently, making it a fun-sharing environment for us to be in. I have taught her since the start of her Basic Level 2 journey and throughout the preparation for In-House and National Art Competitions. She has shown more confidence with her colour choices and coming up with themes and ideas for her artwork.For this artwork, she decided to go with an underwater theme. She wanted the characters to be celebrating Chinese New Year! She is definitely able to apply what she learnt from the competition preparations, and I am proud of her! She has grown so much, and it is nice to see her improvement thus far! Keep up the goo


Pranika, 6 yo

In this artwork, Pranika and I discussed on what items that can be added to the empty space which could enhance the overall look. Though Pranika only added clouds, she used different colours for different layers of the clouds to brighten up the artwork! As she chose the sky to be during sunset, we used orange neon as the lightest colour to depict the sunset's reflection on the plane.In this artwork, Pranika has shown great progress in terms of neatness in colouring and colour blending. I am very proud to see her improvement from Junior level till now. I am sure Pranika still has a lot more potential to show and I'm happy to be on this journey together with her! ❤️-Teacher Hidayah


Elyse Fong Wan Qing, 7 yo

Elyse joined us in the year 2021!For this artwork, Elyse wanted to add a cute cat by the road shoulder. She did the details on her own and had the teacher to only guide her on the sizing I taught her a new sky colour and sky rendering for this artwork. She expressed that she liked how the cat and sky turned out! Elyse joined In-house competition in 2022 and informed me that she was nervous, but she had always given her best. After the competition, Elyse has shown good improvement in terms of her colouring and her drawing. At times she may find difficulties, but she is always trying and would not give up. Teacher Afi is so proud of you, Elyse! Can't wait to see more amazing artwork from you! Good job Elyse! ❤️?-Teacher Afi  

Xie Ke Xin, 8 yo

Ke Xin joined Global Art Sengkang last year.When she first started, she was a very shy student. After being here for some time, I can see her that she made progress on exploring ideas, worked more on being creative and learnt how to make better decision making. For this drawing, she decided to add her favourite animal, a cat! She wanted all 3 of the animals to play ball together by the lake. She learnt to draw various items with application of proper sizings, overlapping and cropping of the characters and items in the artwork. Lastly, for her colouring, she learnt how to apply a nice balance of warm and cool colours to her artwork. She also applied rendering and scrapping techniques to some of the items. I am happy to teach Ke Xin as I can see that she is a hardworking student. Well done, Ke Xin! Let's continue our art journey together! -Teacher Sze Wei

Chloe Lay, 11 yo

Chloe Lay joined Global Art Sengkang in 2021. I still remember the first time when I taught her; she was a shy person, but now, I see that she is much more confident and will share interesting ideas with me. Not only that, she is also friendly towards her classmates.
For this artwork, she included all the things she loves: For example, the princess, the castle, and the cute bird.
After doing some research, I guided her on the placement and applied different sizes for the items to show layering. To make the artwork appear better, she added renderings to some of the items on her artwork.
Well done, Chloe. Let's continue our art journey!
- Teacher Sze Wei


Clarice Spirina, 7 yo

Clarice is a meticulous student. After participating in our In House and National Art Competition in 2022, she has shown improvement - especially in her drawing, tidiness, good understanding of tones and showing contrast. For this artwork, she explored with bright and colourful colour combinations and it turned out beautiful! I can see that she has developed good confidence and making sure every single detail is done with a lot of effort. Great job Clarice!
- Teacher Yayah


Ng Xin Lan, 7 yo

Xin Lan joined Global Art Sengkang in July 2022.
Within these few months, Xin Lan has shown
improvement in terms of her technical skills and
also her creativity!
For this artwork, she wanted to do 2 sea animals.
After doing some further research, Xin Lan chose 2
cute sea animals that express different emotions!
After giving some close guidance on the
placement and sizing, she was able to draw the
details on her own. Xin Lan have shown great
improvement in both her neatness in colouring
and blending. Great job Xin Lan! Can't wait to see
you creating more amazing artwork!
- Teacher Afiqah

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