Global Art Sengkang

Our programmes are crafted to progressively inspire learners to visualise, comprehend and compose their own subject, background, colors to bring dynamics to their finished masterpiece.

Our Vision

Towards a better world by embracing creativity and innovation by introducing early creative education, Global Art provides a platform for nurturing young minds to be creative and innovative, optimising their potentials and enriching their lives.


Our Mission

  • Promote creative and innovative thinking in children’s life. 
  • Apply creative ingenuity to deliver the best products, training and services. 
  • Strive to be more efficient, effective and to deliver more.

Our Story

Established in Malaysia since 1999, Our Founder, Mahair Goh, an experienced Art Instructor himself, designed and created the Global Art programme. The main objective is to enhance students’ learning disciplines, foster talents and creativity.

Alongside with Mahair Goh, he now has a dedicated team that constantly research and develop up to date curriculum to provide all students with quality teaching.

This effective Art Curriculum (the Global Art pedagogy) made its way to Singapore in 2003.

The effectiveness and popularity of our programmes are well-recognised by parents across the globe. We currently have a total of 29 Global Art Centres island-wide and a total of 600 centres across 20 countries! At Global Art Sengkang, we cherish every student and aim to develop each student to their fullest talent and potential. We have since transformed the lives of over 3000 students till date.

Global Art Sengkang officially opened its doors to our students in 2010. Within a short span of 2 years after opening, we were awarded the prestigious Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award. In the years since, the Global Art Sengkang management and staff has worked tirelessly to bring out the best outcomes in our students, culminating in being awarded various prestigious awards (sss). This attests to our commitment to every student that walks through our Global Art Sengkang doors.

Our specially designed Art Curriculum and teaching methods have helped to develop important traits in your children:

  • Aesthetics
  • Character development
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Cognitive skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving skills

Ms. Teo, Principal and owner of Global Art Sengkang, had always envisioned a more creative and cohesive world that appreciates the different art forms. She had finally managed to accomplish this in 2024, where she had finally decided to restructure her Sengkang outlet and groom her team to expand the Global Art branding into Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has been her longtime dream to set up Global Art in all the 7 Emirates of the UAE. To support her endeavour, she has partnered with Global Art Singapore HQ Director to both jointly expand the Art Enrichment industry in the UAE.  Their first stop for expansion will be Dubai, and it will be followed shortly with Abu Dhabi. This will be continued with the rest of the Emirates. While it may be a tedious endeavour, Ms. Teo and the Global Art Singapore HQ Director is certain that with the popularity of the brand, they will be able to impart the creative art skills to children in the UAE. 



Find out from our parents on what they like about us!

Community Outreach

Outreach programmes that we have done for the community

Student Internship

Opportunities for potential mentors to be part of our team

Meet Our Teachers

Global Art Sengkang instructors are professionally trained to guide our students to a higher level of artistic appreciation and skill.  Our aim is to create an awareness of the importance of learning art in nurturing the intellectual potential of our students.  All our teachers have prior experience in teaching art before receiving further training at Global Art Headquarters on a regular basis to ensure our teaching methods are always improving and up to date. 

Our instructors are certified to guide your child through the best art learning journey possible.
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Teacher Stephanie
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Teacher Xen
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Teacher Doris
Teacher Ann
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Teacher Mitchelle
Teacher Siti
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Teacher Nuri
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